We introduce the U-Stone™ Cup for capturing urinary tract stones in patients straining their urine. Once a patient is diagnosed with a stone or following a lithotripsy procedure, the U-Stone Cup is used to capture stone fragments.

The U-Stone™ Cup is a collapsible, durable, high quality plastic strainer that has designed for both men and women.

It includes a fine, microfiber screen at the base of the cup for stone capture. Once the stone is captured, it can be placed in the storage collection chamber under the clear lid for easy visualization. This protective storage chamber reduces the risk for specimen loss and saves it for stone analysis. This urinary stone strainer device was designed to maximize collection of urinary tract stones and reduce storage space with a collapsible container to ensure easy use. The durable light weight cup allows for easy urine collection when opened and easy storage in collapsed form.

Key Advantages
  1. Smaller Mesh:
    The finer mesh is 100% smaller, allowing a greater number of stone to be captured.

  2. More stones:
    Because more stone fragments are collected, this assists in proper diagnosis of the stone composition which can help aid future stone prevention.

  3. Ideal for lithotripsy use:
    Shock wave lithotripsy devices using electromagnetic technology and lithotripsy modalities (i.e., Holmium:YAG lithotripsy) can pulverize stone fragments into very fine particles. With many stone collection devices, fragments drain through the mesh, and little or no stone particles are collected. The U-Stone Cup™, however, is specifically designed to capture smaller fragments.

  4. Easier visualization:
    Current stone catching devices use an opaque plastic cover over the reservoir portion of the cup. In order to visualize the stone, the patient "pops" off the cover. The U-Stone Cup™ has a clear plastic design to allow for easy visualization of the stones.

  5. Male and female friendly:
    Current stone collection devices are designed to be male friendly; however, the U-Stone Cup™ is also male friendly. With rotating cylinders, the cup can be angled and adapted for the female patient when voiding.

  6. Reuse:
    The U-Stone Cup™ can be rinsed and stored reused. Strainers made of paper must be discarded after each use.

  7. Storage:
    The U-Stone Cup™ can be cleaned after each void and inserted in a zip lock bag for storage. Other types of strainers are too large for placement in a pocket or pocketbook.

  • Closed Cup Height: 7/8"
  • Open Cup Height: 3"
  • Cup Diameter: 2 1/4"
  • Stone Reservoir Diameter: 1 1/8"
  • Stone Reservoir Height: 3/4"
  • Mesh size: 80µ
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